Angel Salvador Advisors specialises in business consulting, but is not limited to this area of expertise. This firm also possesses the abilities to give Legal Advice, Tax Advice, Work Counselling Advice, and Accounting Advice. These areas of expertise are specified below.

Legal Advice

The firm’s mission is to provide legal advisement to companies which pertain to the areas of tax, work, civil, and commercial law. The firm also administers consultation in the areas of civil law(inheritances, divorces, claims, etc.) and labour law(advice and demands).

Tax Advice

We offer our advisement to freelance companies as well as small, medium, and large businesses. Our advisement includes more effectively implementing the tax and economic benefits within the tax compliance by adjusting the treatment of each company to its field of work.

Work Counseling

At Angel Salvador Asesores, we specialise in advising companies to optimise their human resources thereof or payroll; preparation and implementation of grants and subsidies for recruitment. This firm customises such advisement to the various needs of each business. Furthermore, we provide legal aide to workers in defence of their rights.

Accounting Advice

Accounting advisement is provided by Angel Salvador Asesores to companies with their own accounting departments and interests. From our office to yours, we have all of your accounting needs covered.